Star Cloud Data Service Platform
The Star Cloud Data Service Platform integrates data, computing power, and algorithm tools into a new generation of artificial intelligence research platform by constructing high-quality subject datasets and multidisciplinary knowledge bases. It promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, drives the evolution of data-intensive computing, and aims to empower scientific research with computing capabilities. Through co-construction, sharing, and co-governance, the platform builds community services, provides multimodal data services, and interdisciplinary AI innovation services. The three basic services enable cross-domain full-process scientific research collaboration. The platform first supports major national scientific programs and projects and, in the face of complex scientific problems concerning the common destiny of mankind, develops the Chinese solution and contributes to Chinese wisdom.
Project products
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Global 30-m Seamless Data Cube of land surface reflectance from 2000 to 2022
Update Date:6/3/2024, 1:29:36 AM
The First All-season Sample Set based on Landsat-8 data
Update Date:6/3/2024, 1:29:29 AM
10-m Resolution Global Land Cover in 2017
Update Date:6/3/2024, 1:28:03 AM
Annual maps of global artificial impervious area between 1985 and 2018
Update Date:5/28/2024, 8:40:38 AM
Global MODIS normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) seamless data cube at 0.05 degree resolution
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:28:35 AM
Global Land Surface Reflectance Seamless Data Cube based on MODIS data
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:25:28 AM
Multi-scale building height products and GF-7 building roof dataset
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:25:05 AM
Essential Urban Land Use Categories Map for China
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:24:07 AM
Global urban boundaries data
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:24:00 AM
40-year human settlement changes in China (Urban and rural data )
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:23:41 AM
40-year human settlement changes in China (Urban data only)
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:23:35 AM
30-m Resolution Global Land Cover 2015
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:22:56 AM
30-m Resolution Global Land Cover 2017
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:20:03 AM
China Cropland mapping data 2010
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:17:52 AM
30-m Resolution Forest Map for China
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:17:20 AM
Improved Version of FROM-GLC Water Layer
Update Date:3/25/2024, 2:14:33 AM
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